Hemp History Week 2014
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The HIA is run by Corporate Officers, a volunteer Board of Directors, the HIA Committees and a Board of Advisors.

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Corporate Officers

Eric Steenstra, Executive Director

Anndrea Hermann, President

Larry Serbin, Vice President, Secretary

Steve Levine, CFO/Treasurer, President Emeritus


Board of Directors

Eric Pollit
(elected 2014, term expires 2015)
Global Hemp

Catherine Hearn (elected 2014, term expires 2015)
Healthy Seeds and Nuts, Inc.

Richard Dash (elected 2013, term expires 2015)
Dash Hemp

Tyler Frank (elected 2013, term expires 2015)
Hemptopia Apparel Inc.

Patrique Veille (elected 2013, term expires 2015)
American Hemp Inc.

Shaun Crew (elected 2014, term expires 2016)
Hemp Oil Canada

Anndrea Hermann (elected 2014, term expires 2016)
The Ridge International Cannabis Consulting

Rob Jungmann (elected 2014, term expires 2016)

Kevin Greenwood (elected 2014, term expires 2016)
Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods

Larry Serbin (elected 2014, term expires 2016)
Hemp Traders

Steve Levine (President Emeritus, non voting)
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps


HIA Committees


AGM & Conference Committee
Eric Steenstra and Steve Levine (Co-Chairs)

Cannabinoid Committee
Anndrea Hermann, (Chair)

Election Committee
Steve Levine (Chair)

Fiber Committee (formerly Textile Committee)
Larry Serbin (Chair)

Food & Oil Committee
David Bronner (Chair)

International Committee
Richard Dash (Chair)

Membership Committee
Anndrea Hermann

Newsletter Committee
Eric Steenstra

Trade Shows & Events Committee
Steve Levine (Chair)


Board of Advisors

David Bronner
Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps
HIA President Emeritus
Vote Hemp Director

Bernd Frank
BaFa (Badische Naturfaseraufbereitung) GmbH
First Deputy of European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA)

Gero Leson
Leson & Associates